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Topical Structure Of The Course

Get Ready

Discover the fundamentals of drawing, that is artistic anatomy, still life, life drawing, and perspective. Obtain and develop your fundamental drawing skills to create confident sketches.

Ground Basics

Study and practice the main media, such as watercolor, egg tempera, acrylic, pastels, pencils, Indian ink, chalks. Learn to employ two or more of the above-mentioned techniques on the same artwork.


Study the reaction of the various media on different supports, such as coarse and smooth paper, cardboard, wood, fabric and other materials that can be used as painting supports.

Supporting Creativity

Learn how to play with decorative patterns and elements, whose aim is to enrich the image and therefore render the illustration more meaningful and more effective.

After Compleating The Whole Course You Will

- Encourage creativity, develop your creative process and feed your imagination, through other types of images or resources;

- Learn new manual techniques using pens, watercolor pencils, markers, waxes, and paint with natural pigments;

- Discover new styles when you mix techniques, change tools or a combination of both, using multiple resources;

- Begin to illustrate by playing and step away from creating anything automatic.

At the end of the course, you will have had the chance to experiment with different techniques and processes that will help you to develop your illustrations.

About The Course

  • What's The Matter

    This course aims at providing each student with a basic although exhaustive knowledge of the illustration technique, which is regarded as one of the oldest artistic expressions.

    Who Is It For

    This is a course for anyone who enjoys creating, and not afraid to get their hands dirty, including illustrators who are looking for new techniques or designers wanting to get away from the computer.

    What You Need

    Skills: No prior knowledge of drawing is necessary. To complete this course, the only prerequisite is the desire to create and experiment.

    Supplies: You will need a mixed media notebook so that you can use various tools and materials: watercolor pencils, markers, nib, ink, greasy waxes, solvent, turpentine and natural pigments such as walnut ink, caobina, and turmeric. It would also be helpful to have a small box of watercolors and brushes.


Dominic Sutherland

Book and Comics Illustrator

Our drawing course covers the full spectrum from drawing instruction up to creating your personal illustrating signature. Master sketching, experimenting with different techniques and finally discovering your personal voice of an illustrator. Whether you’re a total beginner or a career artist looking for new insights into better drawing skills, Pixademy has that professional secret letting your illustrations flourish.


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